Workin’ Like A Mad Woman!

Well, y’all knew I was “Mad” right? I am a picture takin’, editin’, uploadin’ fool these days! And, I have even more items to add to You would totally laugh because since I am workin’ here by myself, I have to be my own model. So, I get all set up, makes marks on the ground where I need to stand, set the timer on the camera which is on the tripod, dash over to my spot and hopefully I don’t trip on the tripod, try NOT to have a silly look on my face, and flash goes the camera. Put the glasses, look at the pic, and of course take at least 10 more hoping that maybe 1 will be usable. It is really quite comical! I know you would laugh because I certainly do!

Anyway, I’ll be adding more items this week! Please stay “Tuned In”!

Your Pal,