Peace And Harmony Affirmations

I don’t know about y’all, but bringing Peace and Harmony into my life is of major importance! Sometimes, it is easy and other times, well, it takes alot of work! What I find helpful is to stop, close my eyes, and take some deep belly breaths. Then I repeat over and over one of the following affirmations. I hope they come in handy for you when you feel your world getting a little out of control!

Peace and Harmony Affirmations:

“I am peaceful even in the midst of confusion”.

“All my relationships are loving and harmonious.”

“I am at peace.”

“I trust in the process of life”.

“There are beautiful things happening in my life daily!”

“I release my past and choose to live with peace and harmony”.

Wishing you a Peaceful and Harmonious Week!
Your friend,
Kim 🙂


Where In the Heck Have I Been?

Seriously, since January I have been one busy cowgirl!! After my trips to Red Bluff and then Klamath Falls, I headed back home and for about month, life has been pretty dang crazy. But it has been a Good Crazy! Baby calves have been arriving almost daily since mid February. OMG are they adorable! What good moms those Black Angus cows are, too! Every morning when we are out feeding, I am just so amazed at how quickly those little ones grow. Watching them run and chase after each other is quite an amusing sight.  I am so thankful to be able to start my day out there with them no matter what the weather!!
So, sorry for the big lapse in my “Affirmation of the Week”! I’ll be back on track ASAP!
Love y’all tons,
Kim <) 🙂