Cheapest Facelift Ever!

Upon looking in the mirror this New Year’s Eve morning, I noticed that I am getting older! Profound realization, eh? I see some wrinkles and sagging that I didn’t see years ago. Do I want a facelift? I’ve seen women who have gotten them and some look absolutely fabulous. But to be honest, at present I am not really in that mental place to want to undergo a surgical procedure.
Thinking about this, I went back to the mirror to see this older sagging, wrinkly face and tried something so very simple. I SMILED!!! Whoa, what a difference–not only in my appearance but how I felt! Yes, I immediately felt good. Try it-you will like it.
I’ve done some research on how the simple act of smiling affects one’s disposition. Please check out this link for some great information on how smiling can make you feel good:
So, today on New Year’s Eve, I resolve to give myself a facelift as often as possible throughout 2014. You will see me smiling ALOT!
Happy New Year!!
Your Friend Always,