One Year Has Gone by Sooooooooooooo Fast!

OMG, it has been just over one year since I closed Ruby Rose Cowgirl Clothes in downtown Gardnerville, NV. Do I miss the friends I made? Uh Yeah! Especially Kati Malone from Classical Glass! What a total sweetie–beautiful inside and out. But, after one year of loading and unloading my trailer I ask myself if I made the right decision. The answer is a definite YES!!!! In one year I have put over 10,000 miles on my truck–that is just over 3 USA cross country trips. Wow. From the ranch here in Gardnerville to Paso Robles, Red Bluff, Powell Butte, Nampa, Las Vegas, Reno, Fallon, Rancho Murrieta, Genoa and some places back again, these are towns I have been to in the past 12 months. I have met so many wonderful cowgirls along the way. Now that I have my route down, I get to see all of you incredible women again in the next coming months.

So, yes I have enjoyed my Gypsy Cowgirl Lifestyle and I have loved being home. When it is time to get on my horse to bring the cows in, I get to do it. When it is time to feed the cattle, I get to do it. When it is time to clean stalls (every day), I get to do it! When it is time to go out irrigating, I get to do it! When it is time to plant flowers and vegetables, I get to do it. When it is time to sit out on the patio with my husband with glasses of wine in our hands toasting each other for all we got done that day, I get to do it!! 

This change of lifestyle has been a challenge to get used to at times. At first, I found myself starting about a zillion projects that I had been wanting to get to over the prior 5 years. Then of course I got frustrated with Kim because I was totally overwhelming myself. But, I have started to slow down and focus on what is truly important to me. This has also affected what I want Ruby Rose Cowgirl to focus on. This crazy Kim wants to be everything to all of you cowgirls which of course is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE! I will narrow it all down. What I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do is find really nice cowgirl shirts, t’s, hats, handbags, jewelry, belts and whatever else catches my fancy. Then I get super excited helpin’ you put it all together whether you are headed to the arena, to a concert, to a night out, to a rodeo, to a bull sale, or to the ranch. When you walk out of my booth or my showroom, I want us both feelin’ great about what you just invested in!

What else do I really like to do? Do a little writing now and then basically just yakking about something that wonders across this old brain of mine. Mostly, I love inspirational articles because I know that I need inspiring on a pretty regular basis. Of course, I will be posting pictures of new cowgirl fashions that have come in. And I like letting you know where I’ll be heading off to next or about something I have planned here at the ranch. By no means am I an equine expert but I do knows lots of people so if you have questions, I can usually get you to someone who has an answer or advice for you. I would really like to get a Ruby Rose Riding Club up and ridin’.  And there is that needs my consistent attention. Alot of you are totally into Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. and that is great. I have tried posting to all of them but it is pretty impossible for me to keep a handle on it cuz then I would have to give up my major priorities. I’ve tried delegating responsibilities to others who are more than willing to help and not that I am a control freak (well, maybe I am just a little), it just isn’t the same.

From here on out, you can count on me for:

1. Cool, great quality Cowgirl Clothes

2. Ruby Rose Cowgirl “The Cowgirl Spirit” Blog posts

3. New products consistently uploaded to

4. Gathering of Cowgirl Friends who want to go out riding together “Ruby Rose Riding Club”

5. Ruby Rose Cowgirl Clothes Road Show and Sales Events

How’s that? Totally doable for this crazy cowgirl! 

I really look forward to Year Two! Hope to see you soon!

Your Cowgirl Friend,

Kim 🙂


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