Cheapest Facelift Ever!

Upon looking in the mirror this New Year’s Eve morning, I noticed that I am getting older! Profound realization, eh? I see some wrinkles and sagging that I didn’t see years ago. Do I want a facelift? I’ve seen women who have gotten them and some look absolutely fabulous. But to be honest, at present I am not really in that mental place to want to undergo a surgical procedure.
Thinking about this, I went back to the mirror to see this older sagging, wrinkly face and tried something so very simple. I SMILED!!! Whoa, what a difference–not only in my appearance but how I felt! Yes, I immediately felt good. Try it-you will like it.
I’ve done some research on how the simple act of smiling affects one’s disposition. Please check out this link for some great information on how smiling can make you feel good:
So, today on New Year’s Eve, I resolve to give myself a facelift as often as possible throughout 2014. You will see me smiling ALOT!
Happy New Year!!
Your Friend Always,


Workin’ Like A Mad Woman!

Well, y’all knew I was “Mad” right? I am a picture takin’, editin’, uploadin’ fool these days! And, I have even more items to add to You would totally laugh because since I am workin’ here by myself, I have to be my own model. So, I get all set up, makes marks on the ground where I need to stand, set the timer on the camera which is on the tripod, dash over to my spot and hopefully I don’t trip on the tripod, try NOT to have a silly look on my face, and flash goes the camera. Put the glasses, look at the pic, and of course take at least 10 more hoping that maybe 1 will be usable. It is really quite comical! I know you would laugh because I certainly do!

Anyway, I’ll be adding more items this week! Please stay “Tuned In”!

Your Pal,


This Ole Body!

It’s been over a week since I returned home from Oregon. What a fantastic trip that was and I met so many wonderful people. And all of the competition was right there in front me inside the Rim Rock Riders Arena-I still have the dust to prove it!

One thing that I have discovered from doing these Road Shows is that I’ve got to take care of “This Ole Body”! Yep, I ain’t as young as I used to be–That’s for sure! Unfortunately, I was not able to set up for the Carson Valley Country Club Barn Dance, BUT my husband and I were able to enjoy the dinner and music! And I won’t be able to set up for the Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo which will be at our very own Douglas County Fairgrounds Aug. 2nd thru the 4th! But it sounds like a really great event so if any of you have time, drive on out to the fairgrounds and check it out. Here is their link . I hope to make it out and will let you know, too!

Meanwhile, I am on the mend thanks to my awesome chiropractor, Dr. Darren Mitchell. But, my goal is now to STRENGTHEN MY CORE! The benefits are going to amazing–one of which is helping my riding,! Yahoo, right?!

So, in closing, take care of your ole bodies, too! We only get ONE!!!

Your pal,


Greetings from Rim Rock Riders Arena at

Greetings from Rim Rock Riders Arena at Brasada Ranch-Powell Butte, Oregon!
Well, I left Reno last Sunday and headed north to Oregon! I am here at the beautiful Brasada Ranch Rim Rock Riders Arena! The NWRCHA Summer Showdown is happening and I am front and center-I have the dirt and dust to prove it!! Another amazing group of people! Great horses, great riders, great vendors, great facility, great staff–you name it, all is GREAT!
Meet some of my new friends Laurie Errington, Teresa and Bill Black, Sophie Butters and Kristy McCann!

It’s been almost 2 months since I took

It’s been almost 2 months since I took Ruby Rose “On The Road”! Here are some of my wonderful “Gypsy Sisters” I’ve met! We all LOVE it (this road life), too! We work our butts off, but we just have a great time together! We take turns watching each others’ booths, share supplies, make change, offer advice and opinions, give moral support and more! I love all of you, my “Gypsy Sisters”! Here we are at the Region III Arabian Show in Reno!